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Company Information

Having secured an alliance for technology collaboration with Cee-Bee Chemical Co.,USA for aircraft cleaning, The Japan Cee-Bee Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1960.We have made substantial contributions to the whole metal surface chemical processing field through the production and sales of mainly chemical conversion coating films of aluminum and general detergents, and the establishment of new technologies relating to the chemical conversion coating films of steel and zinc.

In the fast-evolving fine chemical field, we are continuing with our studies, making technological development our top priority issue, and working to develop new products that suit the market's needs by forming a technological tie-up with McGean USA and obtaining the latest information of overseas technologies in this field.

Unique surface finishing technology independently developed by our company is highly-valued in automobile-related industries, to whom we export the technology globally.With our basic philosophy "Reliability and Technical Services", we will take strong steps to play a leading role toward the future in the chemical surface treatment field.

Company Profile
Company name The Japan Cee-Bee Chemical Co., Ltd.
Established August 23. 1960
Capital ¥335 million(Japanese Yen)
President & CEO
Managing Director
Shinji Hamamoto
Naoto Rogo
Yoichi Machida
Tsuneaki Takahashi
Kazushige Kobayashi
Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. Mizuho Bank, Ltd. MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Employees 70 approximately
Head Office
Factory & Research Center
Nagoya Branch
Kansai Branch
Distribution Center
Indonesia Representative Office
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Midori-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture
Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Bekasi, Indonesia
Overseas subsidiaries Taixing Cee-Bee Chemical Co., Ltd. (China)
Siam Cee-Bee Chemical Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Business Partners McGean Inc.(in technology importation) link
Atotech USA Inc.(in technology exportation) link
Kelly Chemical Corporation(in technology exportation) link
EVERFAST(selling agent)link
Aug. The Japan Cee-Bee Chemical Co., Ltd. was incorporated for the purpose of domestically manufacturing cleaners and other chemicals for aircraft, forming a technical tie-up with Cee-Bee Chemical, Ohio, USA.
1963 Jul. Started new business in pretreatment process prior to the coating of aluminum building material,thus moving into general industry.
1967 Jul. Expanding into the surface treatment field in steel industry, became a comprehensive manufacturer of surface treatment chemicals for both steel and light metal industries.
1983 Feb. Obtained from the Japan Defense Agency a certificate of non-phosphate cleaners for aircraft.
1988 Jun. Started export of technology, providing with the phosphate coating system for the vibroisolating rubber bonding to the manufacturers in the United States.
1992 Apr. Established our distribution center.
1993 Aug. Ethane alternative water dilutable cleaner (Super Bee 300LF) was approved by The Boeing Co., Chicago, Illinois, USA.
1994 Jul. Environment-friendly non-methylene chloride solvent paint strippers were registered on the United States Armed Forces' list, and approved by The Boeing Co.
2000 Feb. Introduced a new anodic oxidation coating technology for magnesium.
  Mar. NON-BONDE lubrication treatment agents are approval by leading auto makers.
  Jul. Obtained ISO 9001 certification of Quality Management System.
2002 Jul. Obtained ISO 14001 certification of Environmental Management System.
2003 Mar. Commended by a leading airline for the development of non-methylene chloride solvent paint strippers.
  Nov. Started local production of surface treatment chemicals in China.
2004 Oct. Developed new non-chrome treatment system for aluminum alloys.
2005 Dec. Completed a new office building and expanded the R&D center in Ofuna Factory.
2008 Jul. Entered into a technological collaboration agreement with Kelly Chemical Corporation.
2013 Jan. Established Taixing Cee-Bee Chemical Co., Ltd. in China Jiangsu.
  Sep. Established Siam Cee-Bee Chemical Co., Ltd. in Thailand, Chonburi.
2014 May. Established a Representative office in Bekasi, Indonesia.
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