Surface Treatment Process

Using our highly reliable treatment agents and treatment process, we are performing high-quality surface treatment processing.

Chemical conversion coating process

Surface treatment processing equipment

Chemical conversion coating film
treatment processing equipment
(Applicable for aluminum, magnesium, iron, steel and galvanized metals)
Pretreatment tank 6,000 x 1,500 x 900 mm 9 tanks
4,200 x 1,800 x 600 mm 1 tank
2,000 x 1,800 x 600 mm 3 tanks
Hot washing tank  
Drying oven W5,800 x D600 x H1,600mm
100 to 120°C
City gas
100,000Cal/h 13A 2kpa

Main Testing Equipment

Research and development efforts are indispensable to be on the edge of science and technology.
Our Research Center is working on the development of new technology.

Analytical instruments
●Analytical scanning electron microscope (EDSEM)
●Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzer
●Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
●High-Preformance liquid chromatography
●Gas chromatography
●Ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer
Measuring instruments
●Oscillating liquid density meter
●Optical microscope
●Electromagnetic film thickness meter
●Resistivity meter
●Surface roughness meter
●Flash point tester

Evaluation test instruments
●Combined-cycle corrosion test instrument
●Salt spray test instrument
●Humidity cabinet test instrument
●Hydrogen brittlement test tool
●Pine & Vee Bloch frictional wear test machine
●Low temperature thermo-hygrostat chember
●Coating adhesion test machine
Apparatuses and systems
●Infrasonic frequency oscillating α-agitator
●Ultrasonic cleaning equipment
●Anodization test equipment
●Mini-Wetblasting machine
●Membranous oil-water separating unit
●Temperature- and humidity-controlled room
●NON-BONDE lubrication system
X-ray fluorescence analyzer
(capable of analyzing elements from
C to U simultaneously)
Combined-cycle corrision test instrument
(Salt spray, drying, wetting, salt infiltration,
and lowered temperature)
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